Keep Active Breathe Easy Isle of Wight IOW

KEEP ACTIVE is run by Andy Savage who is a Level 4 Chronic Respiratory and Cancer Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist.

Since 2001 Keep Active has helped those living with long term medical conditions including chronic lung conditions to manage their condition better through its weekly classes held at various locations across the island.


Keep Active Move More sessions are a circuit based program designed to keep you active and to improve stamina and general fitness. 

You work at your own pace choosing and completing several exercises at each session. There are a variety of seated and standing exercises that are designed to benefit the lungs, increase muscle strength and improve balance and flexibility.

Improvements can be seen after a few weeks. Keep Active Move More classes are an enjoyable and fun way to increase your activity levels. If you would like to join a Keep Active Class, take a look at our timetable:

Keep Active Breathe Easy Isle of Wight IOW
Keep Active Breathe Easy Isle of Wight IOW

Doreen, from the Isle of Wight, shares how by taking small steps and having the right support, she was able to get back to being active after developing a lung condition.

Rediscovering my adventurous side by being active with a lung condition

How Keep Active sessions have been vital in supporting participants health and well being.


Keep Active Breathe Easy Isle of Wight IOW

Keep Active Relax More sessions are a gentle movement and mindfulness program that is designed to calm and relax the mind and body.

An opportunity to take time out and give yourself some quality time. Some of the movements
are based on Tai Chi principles and are easy to learn. These relaxing routines can be done seated or standing.

Discover ways to improve your health and wellbeing through gentle movement and mindfulness. Learn breathing techniques to help improve the breathing, relieve stress and anxiety and so provide the body with well deserved rest and relaxation.

Learn the techniques over a few weeks and then enjoy your weekly opportunity to Keep Active through movement and relax more through mindfulness. If you would like to join a Keep Active Relax More (K.A.R.M.) session then please look at our timetable:


“Without Andy’s help I don’t think I would feel the way I do today, he has given me hope to carry on. It is only for 1 hour but it goes so fast and very enjoyable.” J.K. NEWPORT

“I find Keep Active very enjoyable. It exercises parts of me which are not in good working order. I have trouble with my breathing and walking, mainly because of my asthma, so I walk more slowly now and the exercises I hope will help to tone up my muscles. Andy is very kind and understanding and only expects you to do what you can, there is no forcing you to do anything, you go at your own pace. Also it is nice to get out and gives me somewhere to go and meet other people in similar circumstances. It is a very friendly group.” J.B. NEWPORT

“Over the last 18 months I have had 4 admissions with chest infections, two of
these resulted in respiratory failure needing admission to intensive care. Then I was sent to Pulmonary Rehab, this resulted in me finding out about Keep Active Exercise Classes which I have been attending. I recently had another chest infection after it resolved my GP recorded my sats, they were 99, the highest I have ever recorded. I put it down to the Keep Active Exercise Classes. Thank you.”

“Whoever would have thought that you could enjoy and have fun exercising. You need to join one of Andy’s Keep Active Classes to experience this. You finish the hour with your brain as exercised as your body. Should you miss a couple of classes, on your return you will appreciate how much you have missed those two occasions by being more unfit than you thought you were.” T.F. SEAVIEW

“What would I do with out Keep Active? No doubt sit on my back side and bemoan the fact I have COPD. What has Keep Active done for me?
It has taught me it is OK to get out of breath. It has taught me it is OK to exercise. As a result I lead a reasonably active life. I even manage to work an allotment and grow my own fruit and veg. Andy gives great help and encouragement. Well done and keep up the excellent work.” B.P. SHANKLIN

“Before joining Keep Active I had difficulty breathing when having a shower and could only walk 20-30 yards with out stopping. I had panic breathing problems in general. After 2 and a half years some problems have eased and I now potter about without any worries and walk a lot further. I am sure this is due to attending Andy’s exercise programme. I have made a lot of friends and I enjoys our weekly banter. Many thanks to Breathe easy for making my life easier.” A.P. GURNARD

“I must write and say how much I appreciate the COPD team and their commitment in helping us to live a better life. I go to Andy’s Gym every week and it has made a real difference to my breathing and general health, and at 92, I am more confident myself and able to cope with my condition. I enjoy meeting others in the same position and give my thanks to all the wonderful team who give their time in helping us.” B.B. NEWPORT

“Retirement with a disability could easily become a recipe for a steady decline into inactivity as one watches the years slide by. Maintaining an interest that is neither sedentary, nor positively injurious to health is quite a tall order. Thank goodness I have found my weekly sessions in Sandown with Andy Savage. These I very much look forward to each week in the sure knowledge that they are keeping me active, are within a safe environment and at which I am surrounded by my peers. I could not have a higher regard for Andy and the truly marvellous work he is doing. If I had to find one word to describe him then that would be commitment.”

“I really appreciate the Respiratory Exercise classes that you provide. It was reassuring to know that once the Pulmonary Rehabilitation course ended there was the opportunity to continue exercising and socialising with people who have experienced the same difficulties.
Without the support and encouragement that you provide I would not have continued with the exercises or challenged myself to do more. It is also very reassuring to have someone who understands and is qualified to run the classes. I also look forward to the class as the atmosphere within the group is relaxed and chilling and everyone is supportive of each other which is helpful especially if having an off day.
By joining the class I feel more confident, my general health has improved as well as my outlook on life. I don’t feel as isolated. I’ve learned how to keep active, aware of my level of abilities and how to pace myself. I don’t feel as tired as much and my breathing has improved. I enjoy the challenge and try to improve each week but realise I have to be realistic. A very big thank you Andy and continue the good work.” D.F YARMOUTH

“Having participated in Keep Active Classes on a weekly basis for a period approaching 12 months, I have no doubt concerning the benefits this provides in assisting with my daily activities both indoors and outside. I carry an oxygen cylinder with me on a regular basis and through weekly Keep Active Classes have learnt to become less self conscious of the fact that I do require to have oxygen with me on most occasions. All participants have similar problems and its true that a problem shared is a problem halved.” T.G. PONDWELL